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About QuintessenceLabs

We push the boundaries of what’s possible in data security,
so you can push boundaries of your own

The Global Leader in
Quantum Cybersecurity

In a world where data is too important to be compromised, QuintessenceLabs delivers powerful data protection, enhanced by the quantum power of nature.

Founded in 2008 in Canberra, Australia, QuintessenceLabs offers the strongest security foundation for your data. This includes centralized enterprise key and policy management, a high-speed true random number generator, an integrated hardware security module, and highly secure encryption for data in uncontrolled environments. We can help you protect your data, wherever it is: on your premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid IT ecosystems.

What Sets Us Apart

QuintessenceLabs’ portfolio of modular security products addresses the most difficult security challenges facing organizations, helping implement robust security strategies to protect data today and in the future


Harnessing Quantum Science

The QuintessenceLabs product lines incorporate advances in quantum science to deliver highly capable cybersecurity solutions.

Blue qStream icon

World’s Fastest RNG

Our random number generator delivers full-entropy keys at a rate of 1 Gbit/sec, enabling the best possible security for enterprise-level applications.

qCrypt 350TSF

Solid Security Foundation

Our TSF 400 is a highly secure platform combining our powerful key and policy manager, our high-speed quantum random number generator, and a FIPS-validated hardware security module, in a single centralized solution.


Seamless Integration

Our products seamlessly integrate with existing devices in your security infrastructure to simply and cost-effectively strengthen your data protection.

QuintessenceLabs Product Family

Protecting our increasingly digital lives is becoming more difficult than ever before. That is why we are bringing together our existing qCrypt™ key and policy management products into one unified portfolio under one name.
Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®) key and policy manager.

New NamePrior NameDescription
TSF 100qCrypt 200VKey Management System VM
TSF 200qCrypt 250AKey Management System Appliance
TSF 300qCrypt 300RKey Management System Appliance with QRNG
TSF 400qCrypt 350TSFKey Management System with QRNG and HSM
qStream 100qStream 100PQRNG PCIe Card
qStream 200qStream 100AQRNG Appliance
qStream 200 PlusqStream PlusqStream 200 with qRand 100
qRand 100qRand 100Daemon that feeds random into entropy pool
qClient 100qClient SDKKMIP Client SDK
qClient 200qClient KDPKMIP Client SDK + TSF 100 (Not for Resale License)
qProtect 100qProtect VZqProtect Virtual Zeroization
qProtect 200qProtect DPqProtect Data Protection
qOptica 100qOpticaQuantum Key Distribution (QKD)

As computing technology becomes more powerful, the encryption we use to protect our data becomes more vulnerable. We need encryption that is strong enough to protect the systems we depend upon.

–Vikram Sharma, Founder & CEO

QuintessenceLabs Delivers

Data Protection Today

QuintessenceLabs solutions integrate sophisticated data protection capabilities with the latest in quantum innovation to deliver the strongest security foundation for all your data today.

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Confidence for the Future

QuintessenceLabs is leading the development of next generation quantum cybersecurity solutions that will keep our data safe from even more sophisticated attacks in the future, such as those from quantum computers.

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The power of quantum cybersecurity

By harnessing the quantum properties of nature, QuintessenceLabs creates superior and enduring trust for information exchange, today and in the future.

Vikram Sharma

Our Global Team of Experts

Our company’s leadership comprises a world-class group of information security experts, quantum physicists and communications specialists.

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Awards and Recognition

World Economic Forum

2020 Global Innovator

QuintessenceLabs selected to join the 2020 Global Innovator Community by World Economic Forum


Global CyberTech 100 Award 2020

QuintessenceLabs wins prestigious 2020 Global CyberTech100 Award as one of the most innovative companies to the financial sector

UK Dept. of International Trade

UK Tech Rocketship Award

QuintessenceLabs was the winner in the category of Digital Economy & Security

World Economic Forum

Technology Pioneer 2018

QuintessenceLabs selected as one of the 2018 Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum

Westpac Group

Top 20 – Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

QuintessenceLabs selected in top 20 of Westpac's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

SINET 16 Innovator

SINET 16 Innovator

Selected for Security Innovation Network Top 16 Security Innovators, 2015

Security Innovation Network

Honorable Mention for 2014 SINET 16 Award

Honorable Mention for 2014 SINET 16 Award


2014 AIIA Award for Australia’s Most Innovative Small Company

2014 AIIA Award for Australia’s Most Innovative Small Company

IBM Smart Camp

2013 IBM SmartCamp Global Award

2013 IBM SmartCamp Global Award

ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards

2013 ACT Chief Ministers’ Emerging Exporter Award

2013 ACT Chief Ministers Emerging Exporter Award

49th Australian Export Awards

2011 Australian Export Awards – Emerging Exporter (Finalist)

2011 Australian Export Awards – Emerging Exporter (Finalist)

Australian Computer Society

2011 Australian Computer Society (Canberra) ICT Innovation Award

2011 Australian Computer Society (Canberra) ICT Innovation Award


2010 Telstra Innovation Challenge

2010 Telstra Innovation Challenge

Canberra Business Council

2010 Canberra Business Council Achievement Award

2010 Canberra Business Council Achievement Award

Australian Museum

2006 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research

2006 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research

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