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    The power of quantum computing is poised to impact cybersecurity, in particular by breaking public-key cryptography, specifically the RSA algorithm, at the heart of the nearly $4 trillion ecommerce industry. #quantumcomputing

    Find out what's trending in the national space sector by joining Silver Sponsor QuintessenceLabs, at The Andy Thomas Space Foundation's Australian Space Forum on March 31st! Register now: #SpaceIndustry

    In this @OODAcon discussion, Dr. Vikram Sharma talks of what years of quantum theory and experiments tells us and how our understanding of how physics works at the quantum level to address some of the biggest issues in cybersecurity.

    The unique power of #quantumcomputers creates an unprecedented threat to the security of our data. To counter this threat, we need to create a global quantum community to unlock the quantum potential while keeping our information safe

    California researchers used a pair of massive supercomputers to gaze 800,000 years into California’s seismic past to simulate a really complicated fault system and provide valuable earthquake data. #quantumcomputing

    Protecting our digital lives is now more difficult than ever before. That is why we are bringing together our existing qCrypt products into one unified portfolio: The Trusted Security Foundation (TSF). Discover the full new suite of our product names now!

    Hailed as "impressive" and "futuristic", Chinese scientists have created the world's first integrated space-to ground quantum network — a total distance of 4,600 kilometers! #quantumcomputing

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