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Looking For Seamless Migration From RSA DPM? Quantum Innovator QuintessenceLabs Is There For You

Looking for Seamless Migration From RSA DPM? Quantum Innovator QuintessenceLabs Is There for You

Sole authorized support provider for RSA DPM now offers seamless migration path


CANBERRA, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QuintessenceLabs: Why do you need a migration path from DPM? When RSA ended support for their Data Protection Manager (DPM) product in the fall of 2019, Australian quantum cybersecurity leader QuintessenceLabs, took on the task of ensuring continued cybersecurity, data protection and operations for existing DPM customers. Today, QuintessenceLabs, as sole authorized support provider of the technology, continues to provide on-going continuity of support.

QuintessenceLabs can painlessly expand your encryption needs with our drop-in, quantum-enhanced TSF appliance.

QuintessenceLabs has now taken a further step to support these customers and remove the challenges that end-of-support situations can cause. The company is rolling out a new version of its Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®) key and policy manager that offers a truly seamless transition from DPM. This will allow DPM customers to move forward to a fully supported and high-performance alternative, and without risks to operations or data protection.

How does QuintessenceLabs support DPM customers?

QuintessenceLabs is a leader in data protection, best known for its leading-edge quantum cybersecurity capabilities, including the world’s fastest quantum entropy solutions and a world-leading role in the development of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).
What is sometimes less known is the strength of its key and policy management capabilities, which form the backbone of the company’s core offering, with a powerful suite of capabilities in the Trusted Security Foundation (TSF) portfolio.
In complement to this in-house capability, QuintessenceLabs has been delivering comprehensive 24×7 enterprise-class support for RSA DPM customers since 2019, as the sole authorized support provider. This has now expanded to encompass a seamless migration path for DPM customers, allowing the TSF to act as a drop-in replacement for end-of-life RSA DPM servers.

What does “seamless migration” enable?

With this upcoming release, customers will benefit from:

  • Offline migration of all key material from DPM into TSF to avoid affecting current DPM operations
  • Ability for existing DPM clients to interact with TSF as if they were speaking to a DPM appliance
  • DPM client API fully available with TSF appliance
  • No changes to DPM clients necessary when changing from DPM to TSF

“If you’re a DPM customer, now is the perfect opportunity to reassess your encryption key management architecture,” stated John Leiseboer, CTO of QuintessenceLabs. “QuintessenceLabs can painlessly expand your encryption needs with our drop-in, quantum-enhanced TSF appliance.”

As an example of this transition in practice, QuintessenceLabs is currently supporting a large US retailer with their DPM-to-TSF migration. This includes migrating over 1,000 retail stores and 40 warehouses to TSF to protect in-store and online credit card and point-of-sale transactions.

About QuintessenceLabs: QuintessenceLabs is the global leader in quantum cybersecurity, providing game-changing data protection solutions through a suite of products integrating advanced cybersecurity with quantum technology. Products include the world’s fastest true random number generator, an advanced encryption key and policy manager, and integrated encryption solutions for on-premise or in-cloud implementations. QuintessenceLabs is also a frontrunner in the development of quantum key distribution technology. (


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