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QuintessenceLabs QClient KMIP Development Platform

QuintessenceLabs qClient KMIP Development Platform

QuintessenceLabs KMIP Development Platform allows Integrators to Better Develop, Implement Quantum Cybersecurity Solutions for Customers

San Jose, Calif. – March 12, 2018 – QuintessenceLabs (QLabs) has announced the release of the qClient KMIP Development Platform (qClient KDP), which combines QLabs’ qClient™ software development kit (SDK) with a not-for-resale instance of its qCryptTM key management virtual machine solution. This bundled development platform provides the tools needed for the integration, testing and support of OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), making the encryption products of technology partners KMIP compliant.

The qClient KDP is a valuable tool for QLabs’ customers and Technology Alliance Partners, providing a pathway to deliver KMIP-compliant encryption products or applications that will allow end users to manage and control their encryption keys more effectively and securely.

The qClient KDP provides plenty of value beyond its friendly one-time licensing fee with no limitations on licensing or number of deployments. Thanks to the qClient KDP, customers who may already be using a KMIP compliant solution can seamlessly deploy integrated products into these environments. Integrators can also provide their customers with KMIP-compliant key and policy management solutions if no current KMIP compliant system is deployed.

“We understand how frustrating integrating a cybersecurity solution into the existing technology stack can be for customers and integrators,” said QLabs’ CEO Vikram Sharma. “QuintessenceLabs is committed to providing ongoing support for the latest in the OASIS KMIP standards so our partners can give their customers the security and control they need over the management of the most important part of any cryptographic environment, the encryption keys.”

Both qClient and qCrypt are proven KMIP-compliant solutions. Both undergo extensive interoperability testing annually with industry-leading applications and vendors, maintaining constant integrity that’s KMIP compliant.

qClient is an SDK allowing developers to quickly and easily integrate powerful and secure cryptographic key management and random number management into any application. qClient is intended for use either as part of a broader deployment of QuintessenceLabs products, or as a stand-alone SDK to enable the integration of third-party key management and random number generation into applications.

qCrypt is a unique vendor-neutral encryption key management and policy management solution, addressing the toughest challenges in key management. qCrypt can be deployed as a hardware appliance, or as a virtual machine (VM). Customers can choose to add options such as a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSM or the qStream quantum random number generator.

The purpose of OASIS KMIP is to provide a single, comprehensive protocol for communication between encryption systems and a broad range of new and legacy enterprise applications, including email, databases, and storage devices. By removing redundant, incompatible key management processes, KMIP provides better data security while simultaneously reducing expenditures on multiple products.

Technology partners or integrators interested in learning more about the QLabs KMIP Development platform can visit our client SDK page.