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QuintessenceLabs Announces Interoperability Partnership With Project 6 Research

QuintessenceLabs announces interoperability partnership with Project 6 Research

QuintessenceLabs, the leader in quantum security technology has today announced an interoperability partnership with P6R, a company that provides cross-platform solutions that help businesses get their products to market faster.

October 15, 2013
Canberra, ACT Australia – QuintessenceLabs, the leader in quantum security technology has today announced an interoperability partnership with P6R, based in Capitola CA, USA. The ground-breaking quantum based technologies of QuintessenceLabs combined with the cross-platform solutions of P6R will simplify complexities of development initiatives that need cryptographic keys while still
maintaining the highest levels of cyber-security.

“P6R has performed detailed testing with QuintessenceLabs’ “qCrypt” KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) server. By demonstrating interoperability of the P6R implementation of the KMIP 1.1 protocol with the KMIP functions of QuintessenceLabs’ Server we prove our functionality and remove uncertainty for client developers. The P6R client provides a feature rich yet easy to use SDK (Software Development Kit) for QuintessenceLabs’ customers.”, said Dr. Mark Joseph, President and Co-Founder of P6R, Inc.

“This interoperability partnership, focused on the Oasis Key Management Interoperability Protocol offers not only further validation of our technology, but by demonstrating interoperability we reduce barriers to uptake, increase confidence and take the guesswork out for developers, in essence, we make it easy for developers to consume”, said QuintessenceLabs’ Founder and CEO, Dr. Vikram Sharma. “As data encryption becomes increasingly pervasive, developers are always looking for proven solutions that both do the job well and reduce complexity. Our interoperability partnership with P6R achieves these goals, putting well managed encryption and key management within reach of many that have previously found it too complex to handle”, said Sharma.

QuintessenceLabs is the world’s first company to harness the quantum properties of lasers to deliver a new generation of cryptographic protection for data. This capability coupled with QuintessenceLabs’ advanced data security platform heralds a new generation of powerful enterprise data security solutions.

“We are excited by the opportunity presented through this interoperability partnering with P6R”, said Sharma. “Our partnership will undoubtedly flourish as the demand from customers rises in line with their need to increase levels of control and security over their sensitive data.”