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QuintessenceLabs Introduces New Quantum Entropy Management Solution

QuintessenceLabs Introduces New Quantum Entropy Management Solution

New qStream Plus solves fundamental cybersecurity challenge for enterprises

CANBERRA, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Why Should I Worry About Entropy? Entropy, also known as randomness, is the anchor beneath much of the world’s security. Poor-quality entropy compromises security, while low speed entropy compromises performance, and all too often organizations must make a Solomon’s choice between the two. Fortunately, this critical security challenge has a solution, and with over 75% of global value at risk from direct and indirect cyberattacks, according to Raconteur, it’s high time to tackle it.

“We are delighted to be announcing our qStream Plus offering, making it easy for organizations around the globe to access the world’s fastest quantum random number technology.”

QuintessenceLabs today formally expanded their suite of quantum security solutions, introducing the qStream Plus™ entropy enhancer to their growing portfolio. qStream Plus combines the power of the world’s fastest quantum random number generator qStream, with software that seamlessly and automatically enhances the level of entropy in your network. qStream Plus solves entropy starvation once and for all, and delivers true Entropy as a Service (EaaS) within your network.

What is Quantum Entropy? Randomness is surprisingly difficult to generate, and yet is needed in large quantities to secure the world’s data. Since computers are deterministic, i.e. completely predictable, they cannot generate real randomness. Instead they fill and maintain a pool of high-entropy random bits, fed from external activities such as mouse or keyboard movement. Entropy matters a lot: if you were to generate a 2048-bit long private key from an entropy pool that only has 20 bits, your 2048-bit private key may be 2048-bits long, but would be “only as good” as a 20-bit key. All too often, entropy pools do not contain enough entropy to meet the security needs of the system, resulting in delays, security compromises, or both when deterministic random numbers are used instead.

Access to Highest Quality Entropy — Seamlessly QuintessenceLabs developed the concept for the qStream Plus entropy enhancer appliance while working with one of their partners, whose large number of systems — virtualized and physical — struggled to get entropy, impacting performance and security. The QuintessenceLabs team were able to leverage its world leading quantum random number appliance qStream, delivering 1 Gbit/sec of full entropy true random, and pair it with novel entropy enhancer software. This entropy enhancer constantly monitors the level of entropy in your network and tops it up to safe levels, that you define, whenever needed. With qStream Plus, there is no longer the need to compromise between safety and speed, and you will never run out of entropy — making entropy starvation a thing of the past.

For more information on entropy, what does it do and why it matters, read our blog.

Entropy in Practice QuintessenceLabs’ qStream Plus entropy enhancer appliance is currently in commercial evaluation by a number of large international corporations in the financial sector, telecommunications, IT services and cloud sectors.

“QuintessenceLabs has deep expertise in driving quantum innovation, to make sensitive information safer today and prepare our cyber infrastructure for the threat of quantum computers,” said Dr. Vikram Sharma, Founder and CEO of QuintessenceLabs. “We are delighted to be announcing our qStream Plus offering, making it easy for organizations around the globe to access the world’s fastest quantum random number technology.”

Without strong and fast entropy, networks such as these cannot be truly secure. Solving the challenge of entropy starvation is the next vital step in building a quantum-safe and high-performance information infrastructure.

About QuintessenceLabs: QuintessenceLabs is the global leader in quantum cybersecurity, providing game-changing data protection solutions through a suite of products integrating advanced cybersecurity with quantum technology. Products include the world’s fastest true random number generator, an advanced encryption key and policy manager, and integrated encryption solutions for on-premise or in-cloud implementations. QuintessenceLabs is also a frontrunner in the development of quantum key distribution technology. (


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