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QuintessenceLabs Releases Expanded Key Management Client

QuintessenceLabs Releases Expanded Key Management Client

QuintessenceLabs, the leader in quantum-enhanced cybersecurity, today announced the release of an enhanced version of their KMIP client software development kit (SDK), qClient.

The new qClient, developed in partnership with P6R, is a highly capable, server-neutral KMIP client SDK and is fully backwards compatible with previous versions.  The new qClient provides support for additional network transport formats, cryptographic operations, KMIP 2.0, PKCS #11 client applications, and additional operations and attributes for added capability in enterprise deployments. qClient will help broaden the use of KMIP for a wider range of platforms, with easier integration, meeting the growing need for interoperability in large network security infrastructures.

“qClient expands KMIP client support for the largest organizations.” said John Leiseboer, CTO of QuintessenceLabs, “the additional features introduced into qClient make it an ideal choice for integrating into enterprise key management and cryptographic applications – both new and legacy. Partnering with leading security software provider P6R has allowed us to broaden the use of our client SDK, and make it easier for more enterprises to use our suite of quantum-enhanced security solutions.”

“P6R’s Secure KMIP Client (SKC) toolkit is a perfect fit for the foundation of the new qClient.” said Jim Susoy, CEO of P6R, Inc., “The SKC toolkit is a leader in supporting the OASIS KMIP and OASIS PKC#11 standards, providing the new qClient interoperable and proven support for these standards. SKC has enabled QuintessenceLabs to easily expand qClient’s features and support of the KMIP standard.”

P6R and QuintessenceLabs are pleased to announce that both QuintessenceLabs’ new qClient and P6R’s Secure KMIP Client successfully completed OASIS KMIP interop testing yesterday. We will be pleased to demonstrate them at booths #543 (OASIS) and #1735 (QuintessenceLabs) at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California from March 4-7.


About P6R

Since 1994, P6R has been developing multi-platform, server neutral security technologies that deliver scalable, highly interoperable and easy to use solutions for our customers. P6R’s security products and professional services enable our customers to easily solve their key management and encryption integration challenges with OASIS KMIP and PKCS#11 toolkits, applications and custom clients that deliver the highest levels of quality and customer value. The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA USA.