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QuintessenceLabs Unveils Trusted Security Foundation™

QuintessenceLabs Unveils Trusted Security Foundation™

QuintessenceLabs unveils Trusted Security Foundation™, delivering first integrated key manager with quantum true random and HSM

Platform delivers unprecedented capability for the management and security of encryption keys

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 17, 2016 – Cybersecurity is getting more robust and accessible for enterprise customers with the introduction of the QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation, the only quantum-based, commercially available platform for the centralized management and security of encryption keys.

The QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation (TSF(TM)) is a highly secure platform that combines unrivaled capabilities. It incorporates the security of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware security module (HSM) with advanced key and policy management, and a high-speed true random number generator from a quantum source, delivering the strongest foundation for data security. This cost-effective and flexible combination drastically simplifies the implementation and expenditure of security deployments.

“Data breaches are growing exponentially every day, exposing and compromising sensitive data. When discussing security concerns with our customers and their goal of more pervasive data security, the need for stronger key and policy management solutions integrating HSM became apparent,” said Vikram Sharma, CEO and founder of QuintessenceLabs. “With the QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation(TM), we are offering enterprises a category-defining advanced key generation and management solution that is cost-effective, flexible and turnkey.”

The TSF(TM) is a unique solution delivered as a standard rack mountable appliance integrating:

* qStream(TM) – QuintessenceLabs’ industry ground-breaking, commercial high-speed true random number generator from a quantum source delivering 1Gbit/sec of true random at full entropy.

* qCrypt(TM) – A flexible and powerful key and policy manager, with full key life-cycle management, vendor interoperability through the OASIS KMIP standard and PKCS#11, and comprehensive logging and audit trails. qCrypt supports multiple encryption standards, unique multi-master replication delivering optimum redundancy and security, and powerful features such as separation of duties, split keys, key wrapping and dual control.

*Secure key store – A FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant embedded HSM with certifying authority and financial application capabilities to deliver optimum security, including measures to prevent tampering with the device’s cryptographic module, and rendering it inoperable if breached.

QuintessenceLabs’ TSF(TM) can be deployed with QuintessenceLabs’ encryption modules, including qSecure(TM) for cloud and network file storage encryption, and database encryption, and qProtect(TM), a unique one-time pad encryption solution with virtual zeroization for assets and devices in uncontrolled environments. In addition, the TSF(TM) will integrate seamlessly with all encryption products compliant with the OASIS KMIP standard.

qStream and qCrypt can also be delivered separately to support specific architecture configurations, security needs and deployment strategies. The qCrypt key and policy manager is available as a virtual machine.

QuintessenceLabs will showcase the new Trusted Security Foundation(TM) at the upcoming RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, located at booth S933 in the South Expo, from February 29 to March 3.

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About QuintessenceLabs

QuintessenceLabs is a global leader in quantum security. At the forefront of the commercial development of quantum security solutions, we deliver unique solutions integrating high-value cybersecurity with advances in quantum technology. These include the world’s fastest true random number generator; advanced key and policy manager and integrated encryption solutions for on premise or in-cloud implementations

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