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Software Development Kit (SDK)

A vendor-neutral software development kit (client SDK) allowing developers to effortlessly integrate powerful and secure cryptographic key and random number management into any application

Product Sheet

qClient Overview

The data security infrastructures of many large organizations contain a variety of devices, platforms, and virtual machines. Administrators may roll out solutions to the latest problems but find pain points due to incompatibilities with legacy devices, or getting key and policy managers working together with the rest of the enterprise.

Our qClient 100 SDK supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and ensures compatibility for any development initiative, making for an ideal security management solution for developers.

qClient 100 has been tested for interoperability with KMIP servers from multiple vendors, removing the guesswork for developers who demand a proven solution. It also features a general-purpose key management API for full KMIP functionality.


Making the Best of KMIP

Learn about the OASIS KMIP, how it works, what it delivers
and what are some of the challenges to look out for as you
explore key management solutions

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TSF® and qClient

Performance Optimisation

This Technical Application Note discusses methods of optimising performance of applications that communicate with the TSF key and policy manager over KMIP. Performance measurements and qClient 100 SDK source code examples are presented.

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Standalone Deployment of qClient 100

Speak with a QuintessenceLabs expert to learn how qClient 100 can be used alone for the integration of third-party key and random number management into any application.

qClient Specs

Key Features:
• Implements OASIS Key Management Interoperability
Protocol (KMIP)
• Interoperates with third-party servers
• Facilitates rapid development, relieving developers of the need for deep KMIP knowledge
• Intuitive, powerful general-purpose key management

KMIP and PKCS#11:
• Basic and advanced KMIP profiles: Secret Data, Storage Encryption, Symmetric Key, Asymmetric Key
• PKCS#11 Baseline and Extended Provider profiles

• qClient is implemented in C
• API for .NET; Java (other APIs available on request)

qClient Benefits

• Take command of full-entropy random number generation
• Works with many third-party products and platforms
throughout your organization
• Straightforward API integrates with existing
security systems

Integrating qClient

qClient is intended for use either as part of a broader deployment of QuintessenceLabs products, or as a standalone SDK



Manage the entire encryption key lifecycle and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges with our advanced key and policy manager

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Get the best quality cryptographic keys to strengthen your encryption with our high-speed random number generator

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qClient Portfolio

qClient 100 SDK

Vendor neutral key and random number management software development kit

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qClient 200 KDP

A package including qClient 100 SDK alongside a not-for-resale license for TSF 100 virtual machine

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