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Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

Generates perfectly unpredictable random numbers, derived from a quantum source and delivered at the speeds needed for commercial applications, to ensure the strongest level of encryption

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qStream QRNG Overview

The strength of your encryption is heavily dependent on the quality of your cryptographic keys.
Our true quantum random number generator (QRNG) qStream™ provides encryption keys with full entropy, i.e. that are truly random. These keys are derived from a quantum source which is unpredictable by nature and are of the highest quality. With a rate of 1 Gbit/sec, the qStream QRNG is the world’s fastest commercial true random number generator  cost-effectively meeting the need for high throughput, quality random for commercial applications whether in enterprise, cloud or shared environments.

The qStream QRNG delivers random numbers for the generation of cryptographic keys and other security parameters, deterministic RNG seeding, initialization vectors, nonces, random challenges, authentication and DSA signing. Other applications include Entropy as a Service (EaaS), simulations, modeling and computer gaming.


Why are random numbers important for data security?

The performance and characteristics of random number generators underlying many security functions have a strong impact on security. To put it simply, attackers don’t crack encryption, they steal or guess keys

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The Technology Behind
Our True Random Number Generator

Learn more about how our qStream generates random numbers from a quantum source

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Groundbreaking high speed
true random number generator

Speak with a QuintessenceLabs expert to learn how qStream
can help you build a solid data security foundation

qStream QRNG Specs

Form factors:
qStream 100: PCIe card
qStream 200: 1RU rackmount appliance

• 8 Gbit/sec quantum entropy source
• Outputs:
o  1 Gbit/sec conditioned entropy
o  1 Gbit/sec unconditioned entropy

Standards & Interoperability:
• OASIS KMIP: Conformant with standards 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/2.0 with extensions for secure Random Object management
• Meets all requirements of NIST SP-800-90A, B, and C (draft) standards for Non-Deterministic Random Bit Generators

Standards & Cryptography and security:
Raw and conditioned entropy via DMA (qStream 100) or TCP (qStream 200)
• High-security conditioned output (mutually authenticated TLS)
• Continuous health tests and externally verifiable assurance of output integrity

qStream QRNG Benefits

• Delivers high-quality cryptographic keys using true random,
full entropy

• Supplies fast throughput for commercial applications
• Optimizes encryption strength
• Lowers total cost of cybersecurity solution
• Can be deployed as a stand-alone PCIe card, an appliance, or as a component product of our Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®) key and policy manager solution
• The qStream 200 Plus QRNG appliance combines the qStream 200 quantum entropy appliance with our entropy management software qRand 100

Integrating the qStreamQRNG

The qStream QRNG is part of a comprehensive portfolio of data protection products
which can be deployed separately or together


Trusted Security Foundation® (TSF®)

Manage the entire encryption key lifecycle and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges with our advanced key and policy manager

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Integrate our powerful and secure random keys seamlessly into any application with our software development kit (SDK)

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Protect confidential information in uncontrolled environments. Capabilities include our one-time pad (OTP) encryption and automatic key destruction known as “Virtual Zeroization”

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qStream QRNG Portfolio

qStream 200 Plus

An entropy appliance that combines our high-speed quantum random number generator appliance qStream 200 with the qRand 100 entropy enhancer to generate and supply the highest quality entropy throughout your network

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qStream 200

A full appliance that includes our qClient 100 SDK and provides an unlimited supply of full-entropy random numbers at a rate of 1 Gbit/sec for all security needs

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qStream 100

A PCIe card form factor for easy integration into existing infrastructure, providing the same unlimited supply of full-entropy random at 1 Gbit/sec

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