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qOptica™ 100
Quantum Key Distribution

Securely shares encryption keys, protected by the laws of physics.
Safe from the most advanced attacks, even from quantum computers

qOptica Overview

What is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)?

Key distribution is a foundational part of encryption, allowing cryptographic keys to be securely exchanged between two or more parties, to then allow them to encrypt and share information. Current key distribution methods use mathematics to protect key exchange. However, these have been found to be vulnerable to weak random numbers, advances in processing power and new attack strategies. Most importantly, current mathematical methods will not be safe from quantum computers.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) uses physics to exchange secret keys between two parties. Attempts to intercept or compromise the key exchange alters the state of the system, which then automatically compensates. QKD has been proven to be information-theoretic secure, meaning that the protocol cannot be broken even by an adversary with unlimited processing power. No advancements in computing power or crypto-analysis will be able to break the QKD protocol, including quantum computers.

The Technology behind

There are two main approaches to QKD:

Discrete Variable QKD (DV-QKD): information is encoded onto physical properties of single-photons.

Continuous Variable QKD (CV-QKD): information is encoded onto the amplitude and phase quadratures of a bright laser.

QuintessenceLabs’ qOptica 100 uses the CV-QKD approach, enabling high throughputs, low costs and free space implementation.

QKD Systems Compared


The most secure way to share encryption keys

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qOptica100 Benefits

QuintessenceLabs’ QKD has built in advantages in terms of cost, form-factor and performance.

Performance: the use of lasers to encode the signal enables high throughputs.

Cost: compatibility with current telecommunication technologies and the ability to use standard fiber connections allow for cost effective systems.

Reduced Form-Factor: the ability to use COTS components and integrated functionalities allow for reduced form-factor, power, weight and cost.

Free Space QKD: qOptica 100 systems can operate unimpaired in daylight conditions, without any filtering.


Integrating qOptica™ 100

QuintessenceLabs quantum cybersecurity offering uniquely delivers an integrated solution generating, sharing and managing encryption keys. qOptica 100 is part of a full technology stack including



Key and policy management with a hardware root of trust using standards (KMIP), secure replication of quantum keys between key management nodes over a VPN link that is itself secured by quantum keys
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